Vinoture was born in Montana when Ian Crawford felt the desire to explore this 2,000 plus year old beautiful art of the barrel.  As the very word recession crept into every corner of the country along with it came the true understanding of craft made and local economy.  Vinoture reached out from Montana within it’s SECOND YEAR to supply full restaurant packages as far away as Armonk New York, Austin Texas, North Miami Beach Florida.

Now over the past ten years Vinoture has peppered California, Oregon and Washington states.  Across the country we have provided furniture for over 70 commercial locations with dozens of them as continued clients as their programs grow.

Ian Crawford saw a need to prove to his son that he could supply a quality hand made product to both home owners as well as the food and beverage industry.  He took it upon himself to build a shop, buy barrels, learn to weld and wood work and provide an honest, integral, tangible, locally made product.


After ten years we are very honored to be in almost 2,000 homes across the country! We love when our work at a bar/restaurant or Winery/Brewery affects people enough to place it in their home and vice versa! 

Our goal is to make a product that lasts as long as your establishment. It’s as simple as that. You purchase a quality product from Vinoture, and it maintains for decades.  

Ian Crawford started an event company in Montana that he eventually sold to a local City Art Museum in Kalispell where he grew up, for their annual fundraiser. It was only natural for him to then step away from his 15 years in the food and beverage industry and step into the Arts.   

“This is about building jobs. This is about providing economy to small neighborhood shops. We are made up of six shops in Montana with one being a massive factory that happens to be located in Kalispell Montana. Without the five small shops the large shop couldn’t complete the product. And vice versa. This is about putting groceries on tables and seeing just exactly how something that requires hard work can become a worthy cause for a dozen families!”

-Ian Crawford

He knew all along it was worth it because there were people all across the United States in the same boat…He had birthed a name. Vinoture. Along with that name came a responsibility to prove to his son that he could stick with the heartfelt theory that if you provide something locally, and you back it up personally, then people will eventually tell their neighbors and friends about you and your product.  

Word of mouth has been our only form of marketing and we are happy to continue on that path knowing that we are working with clients who appreciate this handmade craft.  There is an incredible amount of hard work that goes into building a barrel that starts with growing the oak trees that Barrel then comes to America and the most incredible hard work happens in the fields in The Vineyards not to mention all the heavy lifting and sweat and hard work that happens in The Wine Cellar.  

Vinoture understands all of this.

“We are incredibly honored to be a part of the wine industry. When I get to meet people that work at the wineries, in the fields, in the cellars and in the tasting rooms, and show them what I do, it makes it all worthwhile because I see the hard work going on and I get to show them one little aftermath, one little part of their process.

Here at Vinoture, I stand behind my product. Everything I sell. Everything we build is meant to last longer than I am on this Earth.  

That might be old school but I’m cool with that!”   

– Ian

Honest. Integral. Tangible.  

We look forward to being a part of your program whether it be at home or your business. Cheers!